Residential lighting services are available to help you maintain the best lighting possible in your home. We offer pot light installation services for both indoors and outdoors, as well as spotlights in the living room and pot light fixtures. We work to make your home brighter and clearer with our pot lights and lighting services. We also work with light fixtures to brighten up your interiors and specially-designed rooms.

Home Light Fixtures
Walking into your home should be a stunning feature, as well as your dining room or formal rooms. With home light fixtures, we help provide custom light fixture solutions such as repairing your light fixtures and installing them. Home light fixtures can include anything from custom fixtures to chandeliers to lamps, recessed lights, and spotlights. With us, you know you are getting the top tier of quality and service with our residential lighting solutions.

The installation of residential lighting usually depends on the setup of your home and what type of lighting you want, where you want it, and how your existing electrical connections are maintained. We take a look at all this before beginning any new installation project so that you can be sure you are getting the best service each and every time. Once we have cleared the space of any issues, we begin by installing the light fixtures into the walls or ceilings usually by mounting them into place and later connecting them to the electrical cords. Then the light bulbs can be screwed into place in the light fixture before turning it on to test it and its safety.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance of your residential light fixtures does not require much effort and can be done by giving us a call if you need assistance. We help clean especially challenging or delicate fixtures that require removing them partially to clean them evenly. We do this by taking them apart and cleaning them inside and out and later reattaching them accordingly so you do not have to. This is especially important if you have delicate or fragile light fixtures that need extra care when cleaning or removing at any time. If you have a specialty fixture that needs cleaning, do not stress about how to do it yourself, let us take care of it for you!

Lastly, our residential lighting services are intended to add that extra layer of beauty to your home. Whether it is with a custom fixture or more light installations in general, our overall aim to make your home something you enjoy coming back to, no matter the time of day! We strive to enhance your home’s natural beauty with brighter lights and comfort that you can’t find elsewhere. What makes our services different is our commitment to your comfort and we are able to continue providing this because of our dedication to your satisfaction and our goal to make your home as stunning as possible with our lighting services!