Recessed lighting is a lighting solution that is added to the ceiling or trim of an interior space. It consists of a smaller panel of several bulbs or lights that are illuminated to brighten up the edges of the trim, where the wall meets the ceiling. Giving off the impression of mood lighting, recessed lighting is great for kitchens, living rooms or family rooms, and any other room where you might entertain others or simply spend time lounging.

What Are Recessed Lights?
Recessed lights are thin layers of lights that are installed along the trim of a room to enhance the lighting along the darker corners of the room itself. They can also come in the form of lights that appear to be ‘caved in’ or without a trim that exerts them from the surface of the wall or ceiling. They are a great way to add extensive light to your already brightened room but with less visible fixtures, that gives them somewhat of a natural or invisible lighting effect. We enjoy the natural appearance of brightness and lighting that recessed lights offer because they give a room more dimensional detail without the attention being drawn on the light itself, and can add value and comfort to the already existing light fixtures, where the attention should be focused.

Recessed lighting is often used in kitchen settings because of the brightness it can provide to your countertops and appliances when they are in use. If you are on your countertops cooking or preparing food, adding a recessed light below your cabinet that shadows over your countertop, can add brightness and safety to using kitchen tools. Recessed lighting in and around appliances can also help you access them when the room is not as well-lit or it is darker outside. Recessed lighting highlights the appliances in a subtle yet tasteful way.

Recessed lighting has become increasingly popular in areas such as the bathroom, because it can create a mood and relaxation ambiance. Recessed lighting can be installed in other areas in your bathroom, including along the ceiling, the trim, but also around the shower, tub, ledges, cabinets, or mirrors. Any shadowing ledges or areas in the bathroom where you think lighting would be beneficial, we can likely install recessed lighting strips.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting
Some of the benefits of recessed lighting include their discreteness but functionality. If you have a larger room that already has a centerpiece light fixture and numerous surrounding pot lights, adding more lighting to brighten up the room can appear excessive and overlapping. However, adding smaller, recessed lighting to the trim gives the crown molding a subtle brightness that only illuminates the corners and edges of a room, without crowding the ceiling as well. If you have lots of ceiling space without the existence of pot lights, then recessed lights can offer the same aesthetic and function, yet with the busy appearance of trimmed pot lights flooding the ceiling.