If your program consistently crashes, try running Word without any of these features loaded to see if that helps to improve reliability. When your system comes back online, reopen Microsoft Word. The program automatically recovers unsaved Word documents in most cases. When a file is deleted you’re actually just removing a marker that points to where the file was stored on the disc. The file actually exists on the disc until its space is overwritten by new information.

  • It sounds like a great feature, but I don’t think it really works all the well in practice.
  • If all above steps do not resolve the 100% disk usage issue then you might have to reinstall the Windows 10 on the system as it might have gone corrupt.
  • When I only had 2 sticks in , the computer would do the resetting thing.

Depending upon what exactly is causing the 100% disk usage on your system, the fixes would vary. Now that it is quite impossible to find the exact reasons that cause the issue, it may be necessary to check out all the repairs one by one. Let us check out what causes the 100 % disk usage error and how to resolve it in today’s post. Unfortunately, there are some driver issues with Windows 10. There is a driver “storAHCI.sys” that can certainly cause the 100% disk usage problem. This driver is for PCI Express devices on your computer.

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Due to a firmware bug, the Solid-state drive does not properly complete input/output when Message Signaled Interrupt mode is enabled. As a result, the Windows storage stack attempts to reset the device after waiting on unresponsive read/write for a period of time. According to Microsoft support, Event ID 129, the resets of the disk controller, can be caused by many factors. One of the known ones is that some Advanced Host Controller Interface PCI-Express models cause these symptoms in Windows 10 when running with the inbox StorAHCI.sys driver. With some computers, the hard drives are smart and will try to power down or change RPM to save power. One example is the green/blue Western Digital hard drives.

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So you have to follow some step by step procedure to get rid of this problem. With your default pagefile hard drive highlighted, select “No paging file,” then click Set. Reboot your Windows system and check if the 100% disk usage issue has been resolved. The CHKDSK utility can help check the integrity of your disks. A malfunctioning drive can be one of the reasons that can cause a 100% disk usage. The inbuilt check disk utility can be helpful enough to check read and repair your disk. Windows 10 continually sends data to Microsoft to provide you with a personalized experience.

Incorrectly identified as a virus or malware, WaasMedicAgent.exe is a Microsoft system process that checks downloaded Windows Update files. If there is a problem with the data, the files are redownloaded – a process that could leave your HDD at 100%.