Hot Tub Electrical Provide. We’re usually asked this question by <a href=""></a> prospective new customers evaluating our very own array of hot tubs

Just what electrical power offer do i want for my hot tub?

We are typically asked this concern by potential clients evaluating our selection of hot tubs. Whether you are searching for a 13A Plug & Enjoy product or our 32A hard-wired items, we’re right here to let you know what you should carry out before the great time as soon as hot spa shows up!

Do you perform some electrics for me?

Nearly. Without experiencing every boring legal stuff essentially a power plug outside your property, or a change to your electric present around your residence, must conform to role P from the strengthening laws. Problem to comply is a criminal offence.

Everyone knows that electrical energy is truly dangerous, and just an experienced electrician should do the task. But it is reasonably priced, don’t worry. We are going to feel the prices in the future. You can utilize the switch below to obtain a qualified electrician close by.


Fashionable in britain due to the lower running costs and much easier setting up, a 13A connect & Gamble spa will be the less expensive option. This might be in addition the simplest and most affordable sorts of electrical link – a 13A Plug & Play spa will plug into a standard 3-pin energy plug.

What do I need to perform?

You should get your electrician to set up an outdoor, water-resistant connect socket with RCD cover (a life-saving unit, built to stop you from acquiring a fatal electric shock if you reach something alive.)

We strongly recommend using an MK IP66-rated outdoor outlet, offered by all big electrical stores, like Screwfix.

The socket should ideally feel around 2 yards through the spa, but definitely no better than 1 metre. An electrician will charge around ?50-100 for this.


If you’re looking a 32A hard-wired spa which normally will have greater performance for a powerful hydrotherapy therapeutic massage, needed an alternative form of external socket.

The hot tub needs to be tough wired naturally fused spur back into your household buyers unit, not revealing a supplies with any other equipment.

The hot tub needs to be secure by an MCB (mains routine breaker) and requires to cover maximum amperage from the spa (ie. 32Amps) plus an additional 25percent to allow for the first hurry of present when the pumps include begun.

Ask your electrician to install an IP65 Rotary Isolator Switch – this means that the hot spa are turned off from the major sources for repair or solution operate, if not in an emergency. It is a-trip switch which prevents the potential for an electric surprise from broken or waterlogged wires and associations.

The turn should be about 2 yards through the hot tub itself. You require 6mm? 3-core SWA cable tv to attend the hot spa.

An electrician will cost around ?250-300 for this efforts, depending on the size of your premises.

IMPORTANT : your own electrician needs to create enough extra wire attached to the isolation switch to go directly to the furthest region of the bathtub. All of our set up personnel become qualified for connecting this cable to your hot tubs. We relate to this as ‘tail wire’

Whatever else I want to discover?

Absolutely some to arrange for when you’re planning a spa, or waiting around for that it is delivered. We’ve put together a convenient shipment & construction Guide which you yourself can install and study on your product.

OK, i am prepared. Show me the hot bathtub.

You ought to today see all you need to find out about the electric supply for your brand-new hot tub.

Should you decide’ve not yet chosen your ideal health spa, possible surf our selection of affordable hot bathtub by clicking the option below…