Exterior pot lights are designed to brighten your outdoor space and bring some visibility when it’s darker out. Exterior pot lights can easily be integrated into your covered porch or patio to add some light to your door, entryway, and lounging areas. What makes pot lights great for outdoor spaces, is that they’re already integrated into the infrastructure of your ceiling or covered area. This means that you can worry less about maintenance and weather damages and more about how to enjoy your brighter outdoors area!

Patio Pot Lights
Patio pot lights are built into your covered patio to brighten up your patio across the board. If you have a small or large covered patio, pot lights are a great solution to add light and clarity to the darker space. Covered patios can seem especially dark in the night because they’re even more shaded and block more natural light during the day. With the addition of pot lights, you’ll be adding more visibility to your shaded area so you have the freedom to enjoy it more, regardless of the time of day! If you have an outdoor kitchen or patio furniture that you want to utilize when the sun goes down, why not do so with pot lights installed throughout your covered patio?

Porch Pot Lights
Porch pot lights are a great way to keep your porch lit at night and without traditional light fixtures that can pool rain or snow in them during the weather changes. Exterior pot lights require less cleaning as they are inserted into a fixture rather than serving as a standalone fixture that offers aesthetic views. Even traditional light fixtures that spend too much time in the weather can become damaged, discolored, or dirtied over time. But porch pot lights retain their appearance since they’re (mostly) out of range for extensive weather.

As mentioned previously, pot light are a nice addition to outdoor spaces because they’re installed in an already covered area that means any electrical outlets and bulbs are not directly exposed to natural weather elements. Pot lights are downward facing so any weather or moisture will have a hard time accumulating in the pot light itself. If you have open light fixture, you might find the bulbs deteriorating earlier or the light shades gathering dirt and water. With pot lights, you don’t have to worry about them as much since they’re already protected with their build system as a whole.

Since you don’t have to worry about your exterior pot lights becoming damaged from force or weather, you can trust that they’re one of the safest options on the market today when it comes to outdoor lighting. Pot lights can also be sealed with a protective glass casing on the outside of the fixture that protects them further if you have concerns or they’re placed in a compromising area outside. Otherwise, any pot lights installed on covered areas, such as your patio or porch, can benefit from natural safety and protection measures because of their durability.