Commercial lighting is available for large-scale properties that require more lighting in bulk to accommodate the space. We offer commercial lighting for all types of commercial properties, whether it be a warehouse, an office space, or even a storage space. We assess the property first and also help determine where light fixtures should be placed (if new) and replace existing ones with newer fixtures for enhanced results. Our commercial lighting bears the same standards as our residential and other related lighting services, but simply requires a bigger team of professionals to complete the project.

Multilevel Lighting
Multilevel lighting can be tricky if you have a larger commercial space that needs lots of equal light and attention to particular areas. With this, we often recommend aesthetic fixtures that adhere to your property’s design, as well as either natural lighting enhanced with LED panel lights, or multiple pot lights. Depending on the size of your space, you may benefit more with LED panel lights, as they prove to be more efficient and brightening than smaller pot lights, especially if you have a lot of ceiling space to cover.

Business Aesthetic
As mentioned before, we take your business aesthetic seriously and want to maintain the image you have of your space. Some commercial spaces enjoy LED panel lights in communal areas and pot lights or halo pot lights in confined spaces, such as smaller offices or rooms. We work with you to keep in touch with your property’s interior aesthetic as much as possible, as sometimes installing rows of panel lights can easily distract from the image you’re anticipating to maintain. LED lights can also be integrated int other types of light fixtures where the bulbs fit in order to keep with the theme but brighten up a room in the same way that a LED panel light would, without it looking too industrial or bleak.

Interior Accents
For commercial spaces, we also recommend considering interior accents, such as sun lights and fixtures with multiple bulbs, such as chandeliers or intricate fixtures. These are not only practical but can also provide enhanced brightness and visibility to any darkened space that requires more light. They can also keep up with your interior aesthetics if you have a theme or scheme you want to keep in character with.

Customer Comfort
Lastly, we put your comfort first, above all else. If you’re not totally satisfied with the lighting project that we’ve completed in your commercial space, then our job is not yet finished! We provide all types of commercial lighting services that are intended to be customizable yet meet your needs as you see fit. We work with you to develop the best lighting options so that your property is evenly and adequately lit throughout your entire space, whether it be from the hallways to the corners, to the tope floors and bottom floors. We find commercial lighting solutions for all commercial property capacities and develop new solutions that complement your space like no other.