After exclaiming good-night to each other, Seiji off the sunshine during the family room and returned to their bed room.

“Harano onii-chan, a present-day for everyone!”

When he returned to their area, the guy experience Reo jumping out and handing your modest gifts box.

“Cheers.” Seiji happily approved and unwrapped it up.

Today’s was modest dairy milk ointment rabbit mascot from Honey candies lady . It was connected to a line, and ended up being the right proportions to become strung on his mobile phone or their work desk as a decoration.

“i like this, actually quite cute,” he or she let her know truly.

The small woman smiled cutely.

After very carefully storing the little bunny doll, Seiji turned-off the bulbs and visited sleeping.

Then he joined Reo’s soul world.

He or she created their method and examined his own [gift suggestions] solution and saw he experienced got several benefits from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s merchandise.

After very carefully inspecting all his own prize gear, the guy noticed your many specific one of these people was actually –

[Free power application card], obtained from Shika’s gifts.

With this one-time-use cards, this individual might use any abilities of his or her for free to him or her, without needing some of his or her energy or Mana, and ignoring any application disadvantages like wide range of instances the guy would use it per day. Like, [illumination from the Brink], which was just useful one-time daily, though the man tried it after currently, he or she might use it once again on a single night by using this card!

He or she obtained an [Invisible assault credit] from Mika’s offer.

This one-time-use card would allow your being absolutely invisible until they affected some absolute animal or individual. This condition can be preserved for at the most 2 moments, plus it is feasible for people that have an impressive level of [Astral experience] determine discover him. If he or she assaulted things lifestyle while under this invisibility effect, his own combat’s power could well be doubled, and he could well be announced after ward.

This became basically a traditional mixture of some assassin methods like “stealth” and “backstab!”

The man was given a [Damage-canceling protection credit] from Reo’s gifts.

By using this one-time-card would allow your to block anybody attack upcoming at your and obtain zero problems from using it.

He previously best three terms to describe it: life-saving credit! This individual could definitely serve pretentiously applying this to bar some opposing forces’s final abilities.

In addition to those 3 poster, others are some stat-raising poster including items that have around incredible influence.

Seiji gratefully recognized all their ideas.

This individual immediately put the stat-raising business he had gotten, which increased his own [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electric power] stats respectively.

Next, they closed their method and started to practise cultivation.

After he or she accomplished the progress needs and spent the required factors, Seiji learned [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji well rested for a time, he then made use of the same exact technique of jumping-off the degree to depart Reo’s heart area.

As he woke upward, the guy obtained all the way up softly so to definitely not get up Reo, acquired out of bed, apply their coat, and strolled of his own place.

The guy walked on to the sitting room, and discovered that Chiaki was not here!

The leading house had been available.

Seiji wandered outside the house ascertain the silver-haired appeal waiting out of doors, quietly watching the night time heavens together lent towel cover including this lady shoulders.

The accumulated snow got halted falling nowadays, and moon got appeared. It had been illuminating anything with a gentle sterling silver shine.

Under this color satellite, a silver-haired female is finding out about with the heavens… this world seemed gorgeous and poetic to Seiji.

The man strolled up to them half, and quietly looked over the night time air and the girl.

After an instant of quiet.

“an individual receive me personally,” Chiaki explained softly. “I didn’t rest alongside Mika, because I sensed that i might be unable to sleep this evening. I should get came home property, but I absolutely didn’t wish to get back… thus I could merely frustrate you later this evening. Well, I did need enjoy exactly what it decided to get to sleep on tatami pads by a kotatsu ‘s half at the same time… at the very least, i used to be just are willful. I am sorry for almost any worry about I could has triggered a person.”

Seiji seemed towards the lady.

“i did not observe things specifically, and am simply permitting you to would whenever you delighted. I was released in the center of the night to evaluate an individual because I was stressed assuming you get cooler. I realize that one can generally be some willful in some instances, and it’s really good. Easily thought that you were stating a thing unrealistic, I would investigate it. Easily felt that you used to be doing things irrational, I’d stop you using my irons fists of justice. And also on one other hand, assuming that Need to think actually anything excessive, I am going to work together along, or help you out, or escort we.”

Seiji beamed softly. “therefore, this is exactly why you must not apologize, nor reduce yourself continuously in loneliness… The appearance of a female run from a loss journey does not suit you whatsoever, Chiaki.”