Pot lights Richmond Hill

Have you ever wished it was easier to brighten up your home or property but you just didn’t know how? Or do you need some assistance installing a light fixture so that it won’t shatter as soon as you let go? With the help of professional lighting technicians, you can have all of that and more at your fingertips! Lighting professionals offer a range of lighting services and solutions and can even provide installation of new light fixtures, pot light installation, pot light repairs, and other services such as recessed kitchen lighting, and recessed bathroom lighting.

About Us

RH Pot Light Pros has been proudly serving the Richmond Hill, Ontario area with professional pot light services for many years. We specialize in the installation of pot lights, halo pot lights, pot light fixtures, pot light repairs, ceiling pot lights, and even bathroom pot lights. Our team of licensed professionals is eager to deliver you quality pot lights and other lighting solutions for your residential or commercial space. We take on lighting projects of all capacities and aim to make your lighting something that complements, rather than complicates, your property!



    Our Services

    Our range of lighting products and services was designed with your lighting needs in mind. We know that clients are often looking for the most affordable lighting fixtures that do more than add some yellow tones to their rooms. They want something lasting that adds character, functionality, and complements the interiors of a space, regardless if you have a project in a residential or commercial property.

    Interior Pot Lights

    Interior pot lights are installed in places like your family room, living room, hallways, kitchen, or bathroom. Pot lights and LED pot light bulbs provide excellent amounts of durability and comfort for interior spaces and can easily enhance a room or a property with a flick of one switch. They’re low maintenance and can illuminate your indoor spaces with ease and sophistication.

    Exterior Pot Lights

    Exterior pot lights can be installed outside on areas such as your covered porch or patio to provide more brightness and light. We offer exterior pot light installation and slim LED pot lights, as well as specialty outdoor pot lights that can combat natural weather elements such as temperature changes, UV rays, and moisture. With our exterior pot lights, you are getting nothing but lasting strength and durability.

    “I wanted to repair the LED panel lights in my garage but didn’t know what size to buy or where to get them from or how to install them. I contacted RH Pot Light Pros and they were able to not only give me advice, but also install them for me at a great price. Their team is really friendly and I would highly recommend them for any light services if you’re in the Richmond Hill area.” – Danny K.

    Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting is done by discretely hiding the light fixtures themselves into your interiors, such as crown molding or within the ceiling. Recessed lighting is a beautiful addition to any interior space that adds more brightness to the darker corners of the room. If you want spotlights in the living room that complement each other with the recessed lights, then we would be happy to come up with a custom system that fits your needs.

    Residential Lighting

    Residential lighting services are available for homeowners that are looking to improve their lighting indoors or outdoors. We offer exterior pot light installation as well as interior pot light installation, pot light repairs, and serve as the area’s spotlight expert for particular areas in your home that need some extra attention.

    “I didn’t know you could install pot lights outside the house but RH Pot Light Pros said they were a great solution if I didn’t want to keep cleaning or changing the fixtures I had on my patio. I decided to give them a go and really love how my exterior pot lights turned out! I loved even more that they provided pot light repairs, pot light installation, and pot light fixtures for the backdoor that made everything flow together nicely!” – Alyssa B.

    Commercial Lighting

    Commercial lighting provides professional lighting services to large-scale properties with the same standard of quality as our residential lighting services. Whether you are operating a warehouse, commercial office space, or even a commercial space open to the public, we provide lighting solutions that are durable, tailored for the larger space, and equally illuminating and brightening.

    LED Panel Light

    LED panel lights are installed using long light panels with several bulbs which are then fitted into a light fixture that usually houses one or several panels at a time. LED panel lights are great for larger spaces as they’re able to provide more light to higher ceilings and with more efficiency. We highly recommend considering LED panel lights for spaces like storage rooms or units, commercial spaces, parking garages, and even residential garages.

    “I really wanted some quality pot lights to accompany my ceiling after redoing the downstairs of my home. I called RH Pot Light Pros, who gave me a great rate on a series of ceiling pot lights and pot light installation. Within a few days I had new hallway pot lights that complement my wall paint and brighten up my hallway beautifully! Thanks, RH Pot Light Pros!” – Ruth S.

    Call Us Today

    If you are interested in learning more about our lighting projects and available services, then we welcome you to get in touch with us directly using the service number provided on our website. Through this number, you’ll have the chance to speak with a member of our customer service team who can get you scheduled for a lighting appointment or answer any other questions you might have in the meantime. We also offer quotes, free of charge, through our contact form on our main page. Just fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information!